Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shoulder Arthoscopy for Rotator Cuff Tear

Sanjib Kumar Behera

MS(Ortho),DNB(Rehab),ISAKOS Fellow(France)

Member of International Society of Arthoscopy,Knee surgery and Sport Medicine

Member SICOT

Yashoda Hospital


Shoulder Pain can be devastating and very disabling. Improper diagnosis can be more worst than any damage control.A small lesion in the rotator cuff (like impingement syndrome,Partial tear of supraspinatus) can turn into full tear and powerless abduction.

Many atimes this is improperly diagnosed as Frozen shoulder by many surgeon, Doctor, Physiotherapist and unacceptable treatmemt (Excercise , Shoulder mobilisation,TENS, Manupution underAnaesthsia, Intra-articular steroid Injection) being advocated to this problem which results in Rotator cuff Tear. Most acceptable treatment for this is Arthoscopy assisted Rotator cuff repair. But this is a very skilled jobs and this is carried out by few surgeon in India who vast experince in orthopeadic. Many Surgeon claim themselves to be a shoulder surgeon but this is true.

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