Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Total Knee Replacement


MS(Ortho),DNB(Rehab),ISAKOS Fellow(France),D .P.M.R.,

Member of International Society of Arthoscopy,Knee surgery and Sport Medicine

Member SICOT

Yashoda Hospital


Objective of Prosthesis replacement

Distribute contact Stresses across the artificial Joint as symmetrically as possible, even if this implies deviation from the normal in general and individual anatomy in particular

Number of joint replacement surgery is increasing because of awareness spread through sensible communication, availability and affordability..

Femoral componentPatellar ,Base Plate andTibial Insert The Tibial component

Soft tissue Balancing during the TKA is very important step in optimsing the mechanical balance of the knee joint Proper soft tissue balancing during TKA is a paramount to ensure long term success

This is very important Surgery it should be performed very carefully .

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